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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thoughts on the Morning After

6:00 am
May 19, 2018

Late yesterday afternoon this site went live.

Shit just got real,
as it has been so succinctly said in the streets.

A few days ago a handful of clients were invited to check out the latest version of a product that has been in development for over 3.5 years. That product was originally envisioned as the first product of the then-new startup SeaSweetSoftware.

The goal of the company was to create software that would significantly improve the success rate of startups with the primary audience being the founder/CEO and key team members.

Software solutions are scalable, while 1-1 coaching is limited to the time available for the one coach.

Beyond that vague goal there was zero detail.
The immediate mission was to imagine what the product would do, how it would work, what it would look like... there was this gaping void, nothing but nothingness in search of becoming something.

What has emerged from that nothingness is the current version of something-ness.

Release name: PlayToday™
Release date: 5/15/18
Release version number: 11.1
Release website:

User Guide: Click Here
Support Phone number: 858.342.6949
Support Email address:

From all the ephemeral visions, memories and imaginings, feelings, thoughts, experiences, plans... all these non-atomic things are un-real, but they are Energy... until some physical Action takes place to convert Energy into Reality by Writing it Down. At that moment they become atomic, they become real. And then there is that unexplainable spark of Creativity that comes into play at the very moment of creation. That sounds redundant. Hopefully you get the idea.

It is as if it were possible to think a tree into existence.

Software is a wonderful example of this endlessly fascinating concept.

What puts software as the pinnacle is that it is useful.
And can be replicated globally instantly.
To create a thing that has that usefulness is the quest of SeaSweetSoftware.
For only as a thing is useful can it be used, and it is only by being used does it create Value.

To get a useful thing to be used is the function of the Sales and Marketing department, currently under construction. Apply within.

More than just being available and useful, however, is the audience for such software.
If the audience is just a handful of startup founder/CEOs, then the total global Value of the product will be toward the low end of the scale. If the target audience is Everyman, then Value can optimized.
Therefore the product evolved into something the founder/CEO could use and Everyman could use.

While the goal of the software for founder/CEO key team members would significantly increase the probability for success in business, the goal of the Everyman product would be to significantly increase the probability of success in Life.

Success in business is just a subset of success in Life.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
That's a great line from the movie Cool Hand Luke, and it describes the current challenge: to communicate the Dream, to the Right People for the purpose of increasing the Energy behind the Mission we have set ourselves upon.

There are constraints on the speed with which we can communicate the Dream, and one of them is, of course, Money. One of the bedrock principles of SeaSweetSoftware is that Sales Solves all Problems. So Sales will be a source of money for growth, of course. Also, the company is working to provide additional funding through equity options. Send email to for more information on that topic.

These are a few thoughts on the Morning After nothing became real.
Now it's back to building a software company.

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