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Friday, May 25, 2018


There are about 50 different superpowers listed by Google,
and none of them is Invincible.

All those superpowers are directed outward,
so that some other being might be thwarted.

Invincibility, however, is directed only within one's own being.
All superpowers are ineffective when directed to an Invincible being.

It is this superpower, Invincibility, that you earn with this software product.

Invincibility is lost when the person gives up.
If the person stays in the game, they become Invincible.

If you play your best, every day,
the cumulative effect of all that directed energy
all earned by Doing the Plan to get what you want,
all that energy builds you into the person who is achieving.

It is from this perspective of actually doing the right thing,
day after day, in a goal-seeking way, according to plan...
this is the thing that makes real the ideas of mankind.

There is no other way.

Our software just makes it easier to get what you want.


We have some experience with Invincibility.
It's in the family motto, ancient words from county Donegal in Ireland:
"Justice and Fortitude are Invincible."

It means that if the goal is Just
and you have the Fortitude to Persist,
you will Succeed.

Invincibility is built-in with our software, you make it come alive.

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