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PlayToday™ is your superpower in Life and Business;
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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A little help for Goals

Early reveal of the far right side of the Goals tab with pre-formed links to the various Resources shown. The search links use key words from the Goal and Next Step descriptions.

Notice that the first two Next Steps are behind schedule. That's when a little help is most handy.

This section is a basic start to where I see this going. While sort of rough and bare bones, it's surprising how helpful these links can be to get your thinking organized and inspired.

Right after we clipped the graphic above, we added Quora to the list of resources. You can easily add your favorite search resource.

You can only win if you play...

Friday, May 25, 2018


There are about 50 different superpowers listed by Google,
and none of them is Invincible.

All those superpowers are directed outward,
so that some other being might be thwarted.

Invincibility, however, is directed only within one's own being.
All superpowers are ineffective when directed to an Invincible being.

It is this superpower, Invincibility, that you earn with this software product.

Invincibility is lost when the person gives up.
If the person stays in the game, they become Invincible.

If you play your best, every day,
the cumulative effect of all that directed energy
all earned by Doing the Plan to get what you want,
all that energy builds you into the person who is achieving.

It is from this perspective of actually doing the right thing,
day after day, in a goal-seeking way, according to plan...
this is the thing that makes real the ideas of mankind.

There is no other way.

Our software just makes it easier to get what you want.


We have some experience with Invincibility.
It's in the family motto, ancient words from county Donegal in Ireland:
"Justice and Fortitude are Invincible."

It means that if the goal is Just
and you have the Fortitude to Persist,
you will Succeed.

Invincibility is built-in with our software, you make it come alive.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

100 years ago, a simple idea with huge payoff

James Clear has a most excellent story about how an almost trivial idea paid huge profits. It was 1918, one hundred years ago, that a very wealthy businessman wanted ideas for increasing his success. One man came forward, Ivy Lee, who took on the job at no charge up front, to be paid only if his idea worked, and only in an amount the wealthy man deemed appropriate.

It's a good story.
Click to read it.

Now that you've read the story, you have almost certainly made the connection between that hugely valuable idea and your PlayToday™ game.

If you use it, you will get the results you seek.

Barely there, and full frontal views

What you are looking at is the far right side of a laptop screen, showing the far right side of a browser window on top of a small sliver of the PlayToday™ checklist.

We like this arrangement a lot because it serves to be a gentle reminder to be doing the most important things while we are doing all those other things.

It's always ready to record your activities.

To inspire you with that fresh quote.

Notice how the top window is trimmed short of full length at the bottom, to reveal the tabs at the bottom of the checklist for direct access with two clicks.

 And down here we have PlayToday™ on the left in a separate browser window, so it's always visible to keep us focused and doing the most important things.

This layout is better because the popup Notes show up to the right of the cells and in the arrangement above those notes could not be read unless the window was repositioned.

Finally, it's the full browser window version, below.
Notice how column A is extended to that the main area of the checklist is centered in the tab so that it feels much more balanced compared to having column A much narrower and everything is squished over to the left. I like this view the best.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Genesis story - Thinking a tree into existence

It was in September, 2014.

I'm starting to notice
a significant increase in thoughts of building another software company.

The idea is interesting because
I have been there, done that, several times before.
Each time I have enjoyed the process immensely
and each time the adventure prospered.

So, these thoughts of building another software company
are quite pleasing to me.

I can do this.
It could be fun.
Software for fun and profit.
I've done that, and can do it again.
If I were going to do it again,
it would have to be some Grand Adventure,
some quest for a holy grail of human existence.
A legacy.

Eventually, one day, the entrepreneurial seizure occurs,
and I am launched into the new adventure.

(I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. Invictus. My father's favorite poem.)

I can do this.

And now, all of a sudden, I am doing it again.

It is that magical creative impulse,
that sparks Commitment,
that prods us to Action
and at the moment of Action,
a new future is created.

Absolutely fascinating to me.

The story of the genesis of SeaSweet Software
is the partly the story of my fascination with
the magical properties of software.

This latest iteration of building a software company,
going back to the beginning in September 2014,
grew from reflections upon the occasion of my birthday that month.
Birthdays are natural times to take stock of one's life.
The most personal of all the holidays.

The growing feelings of pleasure with the idea of
building a software company
are heightened with the delight at
the puzzle of what the product might be,
because it was at that time completely unknown.

What was holding me back from that magical moment of startup
was the lack of clarity of vision of the product.

I was released from this impasse only when
I realized that Action creates new visions
and that the product always evolves from these new visions.

So, it isn't the product that is envisioned at the moment of startup,
it is the product that continuously evolves,
from continuously evolving user imaginings
but only after continuous Action.

The mission of the software company is to deliver those imaginings.

Action in the face of the unknown
is the essence of the entrepreneurial adventure.

And so, in the fulness of Time,
one morning in September 2014
I sat in my chair as a new person,
the founder/CEO of a bold new startup.

Now what?

That moment is wonderful and terrifying and
as natural as passing through a doorway,
but into another world completely.

I love it.
The adventure, the challenge, the opportunity to do some excellent thing.

What is that excellent thing?

It must help others
at a fundamental level.
It must help them achieve their goals.

I have spent the last dozen years or so
helping founder/CEOs do just that.

Software to help with that process is a natural software project idea.
Software for my clients to focus on the priorities, the goals,
and the actions needed to deliver the goals.

I can do that.
Software for founder/CEOs.
That same software for me too,
because now I am one (again!).

The startup world suggests you build a product that
solves a problem you experience yourself.

We need a name.
Sounds better than using the first person all the time,
and of course success with the adventure will depend on a team of good people.

The name SeaSweet Software was settled on because C-Suite was taken
and I love my home close by the sea in Del Mar, California,
my chair with a peaceful panoramic view of the Pacific.

The name will bring me the calm yet eternal energy
that is needed in the new adventure.
Website available.

Kind of a mouthful to say,
but it can change later.
It's not important the name of the company,
but the name of the product is important.
There will be many products in the future
all with different names, of course,
so the company name will fade from importance.

Make a decision, get on with it.
Try it out, get feedback,
change in the direction that data directs.

Website is built.

Look mom, I'm a software company!

This is easy, right?

A couple of days into the new adventure
I notice a cognitive disconnect.
My actions are inconsistent with
what a founder/CEO should be doing.
I am watching myself as though I am my own advisor,
as I have been an advisor to so many startup founder/CEOs over the years.

Totally meta.

I am comparing my actions with my behavior
as I remember it from prior adventures as a software startup founder/CEO.

The difference, as I saw it,
was that I had got myself out of the good habits that create success.
Vacations can do that.

The founder/CEO must lead by example,
the corporate culture is the values expressed by the
actions of the founder/CEO.

What are the actions that will create success?
Good research project, foundational to the product as well.
And while I'm doing research,
I started interviewing dozens of CEOs
about their software use.

The research results in a list
of activities engaged in by people who have achieved success.

Then I commit to doing these activities
and prove that doing these things will leverage success in business.

It's all simple stuff to do,
and we've heard it many times before,
no secret sauce here,
just a list of stuff like
get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat right,
blah, blah, blah.

The disconnect is the Knowing - Doing Gap.
That we Know what we should do, but the Doing isn't done.
Why is that?

The challenge of optimizing human behavior
has visited me before, several years prior,
and it all comes down to Habits.

If we can create Habits out of the success activities,
then success becomes much more likely.
With habits, the energy to perform an activity become less over time,
a continuously increasing Return on Investment.
Powerful stuff if only the activities are done.
Solve that challenge and you have yourself a product...

Once the list is created,
all that remains is to Do it.

A list is a natural thing for me.
As an aviator, the various checklists help with staying alive.
So I now have a pilot's version of a checklist for success.
Do this stuff, stay alive and succeed.

The handwritten checklist soon became a Word document,
for ease of editing, printing.

A few days into the new adventure and
I have a fundamental awareness that I need
a checklist unlike a pilot would use in that
I need a checklist with a memory.
What I do each day is valuable data to
show me where/why/when/how much/if I am doing
so I can continuously optimize what I get done.

Google reveals a great empty space for such a thing.
So I build it.

Version 0.1 is the true magic.
When thought becomes real.
The rest is Perseverance, Execution.

That was in January 2015,
and the product has evolved every day since.
I have used it myself every day since then
I have experienced what it needs.

Along the way, it was shared it with clients,
and their experiences in using it
have helped make it better.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to the future of this product.

Help Wanted.
Apply within...

Sunday, May 20, 2018


When surgeons operate, they drape the entire patient, hiding everything except for the part they are going to be working on. That's the concept with the new menu choices: surgical precision of focus to reduce any distractions to zero.

You're going to love the new menu options:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thoughts on the Morning After

6:00 am
May 19, 2018

Late yesterday afternoon this site went live.

Shit just got real,
as it has been so succinctly said in the streets.

A few days ago a handful of clients were invited to check out the latest version of a product that has been in development for over 3.5 years. That product was originally envisioned as the first product of the then-new startup SeaSweetSoftware.

The goal of the company was to create software that would significantly improve the success rate of startups with the primary audience being the founder/CEO and key team members.

Software solutions are scalable, while 1-1 coaching is limited to the time available for the one coach.

Beyond that vague goal there was zero detail.
The immediate mission was to imagine what the product would do, how it would work, what it would look like... there was this gaping void, nothing but nothingness in search of becoming something.

What has emerged from that nothingness is the current version of something-ness.

Release name: PlayToday™
Release date: 5/15/18
Release version number: 11.1
Release website:

User Guide: Click Here
Support Phone number: 858.342.6949
Support Email address:

From all the ephemeral visions, memories and imaginings, feelings, thoughts, experiences, plans... all these non-atomic things are un-real, but they are Energy... until some physical Action takes place to convert Energy into Reality by Writing it Down. At that moment they become atomic, they become real. And then there is that unexplainable spark of Creativity that comes into play at the very moment of creation. That sounds redundant. Hopefully you get the idea.

It is as if it were possible to think a tree into existence.

Software is a wonderful example of this endlessly fascinating concept.

What puts software as the pinnacle is that it is useful.
And can be replicated globally instantly.
To create a thing that has that usefulness is the quest of SeaSweetSoftware.
For only as a thing is useful can it be used, and it is only by being used does it create Value.

To get a useful thing to be used is the function of the Sales and Marketing department, currently under construction. Apply within.

More than just being available and useful, however, is the audience for such software.
If the audience is just a handful of startup founder/CEOs, then the total global Value of the product will be toward the low end of the scale. If the target audience is Everyman, then Value can optimized.
Therefore the product evolved into something the founder/CEO could use and Everyman could use.

While the goal of the software for founder/CEO key team members would significantly increase the probability for success in business, the goal of the Everyman product would be to significantly increase the probability of success in Life.

Success in business is just a subset of success in Life.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
That's a great line from the movie Cool Hand Luke, and it describes the current challenge: to communicate the Dream, to the Right People for the purpose of increasing the Energy behind the Mission we have set ourselves upon.

There are constraints on the speed with which we can communicate the Dream, and one of them is, of course, Money. One of the bedrock principles of SeaSweetSoftware is that Sales Solves all Problems. So Sales will be a source of money for growth, of course. Also, the company is working to provide additional funding through equity options. Send email to for more information on that topic.

These are a few thoughts on the Morning After nothing became real.
Now it's back to building a software company.